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Young Chap “PaaQuofi” describes the life of an “OutKast” on New EP Out

Hip-hop and Rap music have gained solid ground in the Ghana music industry with lots of new artists like Paa Quofi releasing great songs every now and then. 

Ghanaian Rap Artist, PaaQuofi has released a new body of work called Outkast which he dedicates to his mother and all young people going through life without a strong support system. He believes that people usually show powerful concern about their fellow individuals, especially when they benefit from them in a positive way and it’s that reason that he chose to impact people with his music in a more positive way.

In an interview with DJ Yoga, He explained that his decision to name the EP “Outkast” is an indirect way of sending a message to his peers and family who neglected and called him a failure during his dark days. The album describes his current life, how happy he is now and the memories of the past that continue to live on.

He seeks to encourage people going through similar situations to follow their dreams and carve their own paths. There are Six songs on the EP with each touching different aspects of the theme.

PaaQuofi made all the songs without any features and named the six songs as BEMA, PARTY, FORK OUTSIDE, NANA AMA, OVERDOSE, TRAPIN out of the motivation of Hustling alone, Spending his money alone, People he has interacted with and also few people he has lost making his dream possible till today

The entire tape was produced, mixed and mastered by PaaQuofi himself. The recording process was inspirational and prophetic, such that he didn’t have to write most of the lyrics, He poured out his emotions and life experiences as the beat progressed.

He also stated that his mother was the first to sow the seed of music in him as a young kid with her marvelous performances as a choir leader in the Pentecostal church. His uncle who had a love for hiplife at that time also introduced him to the Crank style of music, teaching him to express his feelings through music. Unfortunately, they are no more

PaaQuofi started making music in 2015 with hopes of reaching a global audience with his craft. He is currently not signed to any label as he believes labels will only sign artists who have managed to add value to themselves in the best possible way they can.

PaaQuofi whose real name is Derrick Boamah hails from a small community in the Eastern region called Kwahu Daa but relocated to Accra at a very early stage with his mom as a basic school teacher.

It’s his dream to work with R2bees, m.anifest, and Black Sheriff among others.etc

Listen the EP Below:


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