Mallam in Togo, Sika Duro and Do As I say charm – How Empress Lupita went insane exposed

Clearly, there are a lot of hidden secrets about Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest’s unexpected mental illness that has become a topic for discussion in the last two weeks.
Prior to these revelations from this alleged best friend of Empress Lupita, a lot of the comments on social media suggested that the couple went lost their sanity after joining an occultic fraternity for the progress of their now-collapsed church.

Citing Empress Lupita’s best friend’s fresh confession, they were both hookup girls who visited several mallams for juju and charms.

After some time, they retired from the hookup business and decided to give their lives to Christ but Empress Lupita later returned to her old ways.

According to the lady, before Empress Lupita married Godpapa The Greatest, the former man of God served as their spiritual father and counsellor.

But Empress Lupita who had fallen in love with Godpapa The Greatest and wasn’t ready for a No from him first sent him to Niger for a love spell to be cast on the then-powerful man of God but it wasn’t successful.

She returned to Ghana and later went to Togo to see another voodoo priest and he was the one who gave her the ‘sika duro’ and ‘Do As I Say’ charm.

After the success of her Sika Duro and ‘Do As I Say Charm’, she hasn’t been able to go back to Togo to thank the voodoo priest who helped her because anytime she plans on going to thank her spiritual father, Godpapa The Greatest asked her a lot of questions which she couldn’t answer hence had to stop the trip.

It’s believed that her failure to go back to Togo to thank the Voodoo priest is the cause of her mental illness.

source: ghpage

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