Whaaaat!!? Husband Demolishes House On Wife’s Land Following Court Rulings (VIDEO) : #Gillyweb Gossip

Over the years of my livelihood, I have heard stories like this, I have always thought it was just a prank or just another faux story going around. Never in my life did I know that I will grow up to see such a story happen live.

So I just stumbled on this viral video, apparently, it is one by a Nigerian husband living abroad demolishing the house on his wife’s land.

The man built the house, but his wife owns that land.

Background of the story:

The husband reportedly lives abroad and his wife lives in Nigeria. The land you see in the video belongs to the woman, but the man built the house.

Both were in court for divorce; the judge asked the wife to take possession of the land, and the husband to take possession of the building.

Since the husband cannot move the building off the land, he brought in an excavator to pull the house down.

The woman thought the husband would abandon the building since is not movable.

As it appears, the husband is bent on destroying his building, currently destroying it, and will continue until it’s to the brim – what a world.

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