Deuxes – Trombone (Official Video)

Deuxes are a soul/indie duo of multi-instrumentalist sisters from North West London. The pair are described as having a sound of their own, featuring a mixture of bold basslines and soulful harmonies with influences from motown to modern rock.

Now returning with their first single of the year, Deuxes unveil the sizzling new single ‘Trombone’. The bluesy offering features a strutting rhythm, soulful scatting, and an alluring melody and flaunts how the pair’s individuality harmoniously intertwines.

Speaking about the meaning behind ‘Trombone’, the duo shared “Trombone is about addiction, mental health and the use of vices to deal with it but also feeding into the feeling of isolation.”

‘Trombone’ is just a taste of what’s to come from Deuxes, with more singles and their debut EP ‘LOUD’ expected to release in late Spring this year.

Written by Gillyweb

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