NF – MOTTO (Official Video)

Michigan rapper NF tells it like it is on his unapologetic new single “MOTTO,” out now via NF Real Music/Virgin Music/EMI Records.

The second single from the multi-platinum hitmaker’s forthcoming HOPE album (due April 7) finds NF at his most defiant as he dissects the state of the music industry. Ultimately, he decides to side-step trends and just do him. “MOTTO” is accompanied by a compelling visual, which brings together hundreds of fans for a mock awards show.

“I could write a record full of radio songs, do a bunch of features that my label would love,” the MC, real name Nate Feuerstein, raps. “Sounds like a nightmare if you ask me, went from my bedroom to the big leagues.” By the anthemic chorus, NF is ready to share his approach to music stardom. “You might see me in the same clothes I had on last week, am I ashamed? No,” he declares. “You heard the saying if ain’t broke, don’t fix it that’s my motto.” 

The song’s unrepentant message is reflected in the Patrick Tohill-directed video, which finds NFattending a mock industry awards show. Close to 1000 fans from all over the world volunteered their time as extras at the Nashville, TN shoot — driving home the point that the rapper hasn’t forgotten his day-ones. It even recreates lyrics from “MOTTO” (“might catch me at the award show, eatin’ popcorn in the back row”), proving that NF hasn’t lost his sense of humor either. The video gives viewers a glimpse into the more humorous and witty side to NF.

Written by Gillyweb

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