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“I didn’t reply to Amerado’s diss song because he is nowhere near my level”- Medikal

Ghanaian musician and rapper, Medikal, has finally opened up about his relationship with fellow rapper, Amerado, in a recent interview on TV3’s new day program. The interview, which took place on March 22, 2023, shed some light on the dynamics between the two talented artists.

When asked about his relationship with Amerado, Medikal was quick to clarify that they are not friends. However, he also stated that he doesn’t have anything against him. This suggests that while the two may not be close, they are not in any sort of conflict or feud.

Medikal then went on to reveal that two years ago, Amerado had released a diss track aimed at him. However, he chose not to reply as he didn’t consider it worth his time. When asked about this decision, Medikal explained that he didn’t respond because he felt that Amerado was not on his level.

Despite this revelation, Medikal denied any suggestion that he was downgrading Amerado. He insisted that he was simply being honest about his opinion and that he has nothing against the talented rapper.

The interview has provided fans with some insight into the relationship between these two popular Ghanaian artists. While they may not be close friends, it seems that there is no bad blood between them. It remains to be seen whether they will collaborate in the future or whether their paths will continue to diverge.

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