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Gillyweb Gossip: You’re Stup!D, Remember I Gave You Money To Produce Your 1st Movie – Ayisha Modi Tells Dr Likee On Live Video

Ayisha Modi has put Dr Likee on the blast for not honoring her invitation to her enstoolment.

USA based Ghanaian health worker Ayisha Modi has spoken her mind to actor Dr Likee for not gracing her enstoolment as a Queen in Sowutuom.

In a live TikTok video with Oteele who was on set with Dr Likee, she asked him to give the phone to Dr Likee to tell him her mind.

Ayisha Modi yelled at Dr Likee that he is very stup!d for not honoring her invitation to come witness her Queen enstoolment ceremony.

She then asked him if he truly acknowledge that she gave him money to produce his first ever movie?

Dr Likee playfully asked her to give him her number and Ayisha Modi replied that whenever she calls he rarely answers the call.

He then acted that he wasn’t hearing what Ayisha Modi was saying and then handed the phone back to Oteele.

Without trying to count Dr Likee is probably the 100th person Ayisha Modi has extended her benevolence to.

Written by Quame Zane

Ghana-based freelance Journalist fascinated with the Music Industry, Marketing Manager for Haniqo Construction, and Experienced Blogger with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry. Skilled in Music Publishing, Event Planning likewise Event Management. Strong media and communication professional with a Master of Arts (MA) focused on Management Information Systems.

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