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Gillyweb Gossip: Kanye West Eviscerated For His Shoulder Pad Outfit

Overall, everyone knows at this point that Kanye West has very particular taste when it comes to fashion. Although he is a designer, his outfits can be hard to enjoy. He is always wearing something unique, even if everyone else thinks it is dumb. For instance, he wore some shin pads the other day, which felt like an odd choice. However, he did it with confidence, and sometimes, that is all you really need. Either way, Kanye has no shame when it comes to his personal choices, and that extends to politics and music.

Recently, Kanye West and Bianca Censori were spotted again, this time on an ice cream date. If you have been following along, they are frequently out together. The couple seems to be quite happy, even despite recent comments made by Kim Kardashian. Once again, Kanye is under the microscope for his outfit on this date. As you can see in the tweet down below, Ye was wearing a black t-shirt and some black pants. All of this is normal. However, what is not normal are the shoulder pads he is wearing that make him look like a football player.

Kanye West With Some Questionable Taste

Overall, this is not a look that we have seen from Kanye West before. However, as one fan pointed out, this does look eerily close to his outfit from the infamous “I Love It” music video with Lil Pump. It is one of those fashion choices that really make you scratch your head. Perhaps a brand would be brave enough to try this out on the runway, but as an individual, it takes a lot of gumption to be seen like this in public. Although, we have certainly seen Kanye is worse states before.

Fans React

Subsequently, Kanye was heavily roasted for this new look. As you can see down below, some compared him to a character from Roblox. Meanwhile, there were some other comments that suggested how poor this outfit was. They are brutally honest comments, but that’s the internet for you. Let us know what you think of this fit, in the comments section below.

source: hotnewhiphop

Written by Quame Zane

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