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Ghanaian singer, Nana Fofie signed to Nicki Minaj’s new record label

American rapper, Nicki Minaj has announced her own record label.

The “Queen of Rap” made the announcement during the latest episode of her Queen Radio show.

“I’m not gonna announce the name but I have a record label now,” she revealed.  “Because I believe so strongly in loyalty and because I spent my whole life giving you others that turned around and shit on me.”

Nicki Minaj, now a mother, also revealed that she’s already brought on four signees, each of them bringing something totally unique to the table.

First up is Ghanaian singer, Nana Fofie, who was present in the studio with Minaj as she was doing her Queen Radio broadcast.

Nicki has been a big fan of Nana Fofie over the years and has repeatedly expressed her love for her sound.

The list also includes Jamaica’s Skeng, who was recently seen shooting a music video with Nicki the during her Carnival vacation in her homeland, Bronx rapper London Hill, and Rico Danna.

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