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Doja Cat Meows Through Entire Met Gala Interview In True Feline Fashion: Watch

YouTuber Emma Chamberlain didn’t know how to react to Doja’s animalistic antics during their chat.

One of the many guests at last evening’s Met Gala who was fully committed to the bit was Doja Cat. True to form, she stepped out in her finest feline attire in honour of Karl Lagerfeld. It was notably the California native’s first time attending the New York-based event. On top of that, she was undeniably one of the best dressed in the vicinity. Oscar de la Renta and Messika Jewelry were responsible for putting together her purr-fect outfit. The look even came complete with claw-like nails – perfect for swiping at any haters.

Aside from just looking the part, the Planet Her hitmaker acted it too. In fact, during a Vogue interview conducted by YouTuber Emma Chamberlain on the red carpet, Doja proceeded to meow in response to every question she was asked. “So, tell me about this,” the content creator said, requesting a summary of outfit details from her fellow star. Keeping a completely serious face, she looked Chamberlain in the eyes and let out a cat noise. Obviously confused about how to handle the situation, the young girl said, “Wait, so who made it?”

Check Out Doja Cat’s Animalistic Antics

“Meow,” Doja responded matter of factly, as if Emma should know exactly who she was referring to. “What was your inspiration?” she further pressed, prompting a “Meow, meow, meow,” from the “Woman” songstress. Of course, fashion lovers will know that she came to the Met dressed as Choupette, the beloved cat of Lagerfeld who’s continued to outlive the designer past his 2019 death.

Others who made waves with their incredible outfits at last night’s event include Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, as well as Diddy and Yung Miami. The latter duo took some time to answer awkward questions about their relationship on camera which social media is currently dissecting, while the former arrived at the red carpet near the end of the evening, ensuring all eyes were on them as they made their big reveal. Check out photos of Doja Cat’s incredible 2023 Met Gala outfit below. Afterward, let us know in the comments who you thought was best dressed last night.

Up-Close Photos of Her Feline Fit

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