Despite being broken up, relationship drama continues to play out between Blueface and Chrisean Rock. Most recently, Blue blasted Chrisean after she took a photo with Rick Ross at the Super Bowl.

On Sunday (Feb. 12), Chrisean Rock was with Rubi Rose rubbing shoulders at Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Ariz. While at the NFL’s big event, she took a photo with Rick Ross, which got back to Blueface, who shared the image on Twitter and apparently checked Chrisean about the photo via texts, which she revealed on Twitter on Monday (Feb. 13).

In the alleged text back-and-forth, Blueface sends Chrisean the photo with Rozay along with some biting commentary.

“Could never be my bitch,” Blueface wrote in the messages. “But I get it you knew to this shit fr so that typa shit excites you it’s really none wrong with it I’m just a different type nigga wit my bitch. That’s y I told you long time ago you really don’t want that spot.”

Chrisean responded to the Blue’s texts: “What he literally got a pic walking past idk why everyone trynna get a pic with me I’m not in his face he literally caught me off guard while I’m waiting for my car with zues n them,” she typed. “U being weird bro stfu. Like fr stop talking to me side ways.”

She caption the post, “Im at the Super Bowl running into ppl not even trying to trigger u or seem like a weird bitch. Im really dat famous ppl go out they for a pic. It’s ok for u to invite u Airbb n fuxk on bitches just chill n focus on making money stop da evil shit stop fr.”

Blueface responded to the post, comparing Chrisean exposing his texts to Rubi Rose recently sharing alleged DMs from DDG.

“Prime example you the reason Rubi posted them DMs thanks for proving my point,” he typed.

In follow-up posts he added, “Y’all will never get me to stand behind boof shit I will expose anybody for doing boof shit idc if it’s my own bitch my own homie ima hold you accountable.”

He then attempted to expose Chrisean by sharing audio of her talking about her friends.

“Y’all wan see how fake rock is in real life watch this,” Blueface tweeted.  “This what she really thinks of her best friend DJ SKY she just using her for rides what a bummer…I ain’t gone be petty and say what she really thinks of Rubi rose cuz she with her rn but just know if she talking bout her friend like that nobody is safe.”

He added, “Member she was all in bia face playing cool this what she really think smh y’all could never make me get with industry shit I don’t agree with nothing boof…Maybe that’s how females move an talk but I don’t condone in no fake shit…Call me blues clues from now on.”


Written by Gillyweb

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