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Bisa KDei opens Grammy debut with ‘Herbal Tea and White Sofas’ interview

Ghanaian Highlife frontline export, Bisa KDei has been featured in the latest interview by Grammy Awards’ Herbal Tea & White Sofas series in which he details certain intimate facts about growing up & his artistry.

Plantains have long been part of Ghanaian singer Bisa Kdei’s touring musts — not just because of their health benefits, but they’re also his home away from home.

While touring internationally, Bisa Kdei likes to bring a few items that keep him calm and remind him of his home country, Ghana.

“I like tea — mint tea, to be precise. I also like some snacks. I don’t mind plantain chips,” Kdei reveals in this episode of Herbal Tea & White Sofas. If he can’t get access to mint tea, he opts for apple juice. “It acts the same as the tea: it calms me down. I need something sweet in my throat.”

Kdei recalls how common it is to see plantain chips in Ghana — around the town or within his home. “You can find it on the streets, wherever you go. Wherever you’re driving, they’ll rush to your car and offer you plantain chips. It’s beautiful in the streets,” KDei explains.

During his childhood, Kdei wasn’t very fond of his mother’s homemade snacks until he repeatedly fell sick and realized the healing benefits of plantains. “As soon as I started eating healthy, I started getting better, so it became a norm,” Kdei said.

Watch Bisa KDei open Grammy debut with ‘Herbal Tea and White Sofas’ interview in the video below

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