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Happy Pokémon Day, everybody!

Every year on February 27, fans of the popular anime series worldwide commemorate the anniversary of those very first releases for Game Boy: the 1996 Japan-only drops Pokémon Redand Pokémon Green. While the latter edition turned into Pokémon Blue when the United States received both games two years later, the series nonetheless became a cultural phenomenon. By the time everyone’s favorite Pokémon Yellow: Pikachu Edition dropped — 1998 for Japan; 1999 and 2000 for the US and Europe, respectively — the franchise had developed into everything you could possibly imagine — a television series dubbed over in every language imaginable, plush toys, action figures, cosplay conventions, animated films and a wildly-popular collectible card game all became mainstays in America. Even today, people everywhere are still on their “Gotta catch ’em all” wave with the Pokémon GO mobile AR game that launched in 2016. Basically, Pokémon is one of those phenomenons that will never truly die down, and we don’t think anyone is complaining.

Here at The Source, of course we had to make the Hip-Hop connection throughout it all. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t that hard at all! From Pikachu’s hip-hop Christmas song to the OG “Pokérap” that we all heard at the end of every episode, the creators of Pokémon might’ve been the biggest rap heads of all time.

Keep scrolling to revisit some of the best moments when rap popped up in the world of Pokémon:



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The rapping brother duo Nico & Chester

The ‘yo-yo’-ing siblings that arrived in the season 17 episode “Breaking Titles at the Chateau!” were even dressed for the part, complete with clout goggles, overalls, snapbacks and baggy hoodies. Too fresh! See the full episode below:



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Get To Know The 19 Year Old Angela Zutah, Movie Producer Making Waves



Ghanaian born Angela Zutah is quickly becoming one of Ghana’s most sought after actress and producer.

The 19-year-old level 200 Communications student at Central University has warmed into the
hearts and minds of Ghanaians, notably for her performances on the UTV inspired Television
series produced by KOFAS Media, Pa2pa season 3.

Her journey started as early as a student in class four, wrote stories and made appearances in stage plays and performances in school and church. The eldest of four kids, she credits her natural leadership role for her work ethics and motivation to succeed as her siblings look up to her as a role model. Growing up was memorable as she experienced lots of craft and creativity from home, school and the church. 

The passion for the craft was so intense that she felt jealous when she saw behind the scenes of movies on television, a feeling that fueled her desires and drove her into the movie industry where she has since evolved from being just an actress into a movie producer as well.

The movie actress and producer has evolved greatly and has never looked back. Her big break came when she was a cast member in Pa2pa season 3 by the acclaimed Ghanaian
Filmmaker Kofi Asamoah of KOFAS Media fame.  

Just as there are challenges in every profession, having support from friends and industry players are one of the few challenges beyond Angela Zutah. The support from her parents keeps her going as both parents have been supportive of her chosen profession. 

She acknowledges comments and positive feedback from fans fuels her passion and commitment
. Her passion and commitment is unquestionable as it was evident when she was a cast in her first big break when she was sick but made herself available to be a cast in the movie.

On being the youngest producer in Ghana, she reiterates that even though the tag of being the first youngest movie producer feels welcoming and refreshing, it doesn’t make her complacent but rather pushes her to work hard. She acknowledges that there are a lot of equally talented young people like her but financial
commitments keep their dreams in their heart.

She uses herself as a perfect example as she sites that raising funds for her production was a big challenge and she was blessed to have the support and financial commitment of her parents who needed a lot of convincing.

In her words, “When I wanted to produce my movie I got discouraged for being too young and not ready for this. But I like doing what people think I cant do” – Angela Zutah

On how she balances school withthe movie, Angela speaks on how difficult it gets in juggling both. “School and my profession has been tough and sometimes, honestly I have considered the idea of quitting school to do movie fulltime but two more years won’t hurt, and my profession doesn’t affect my academic work. If its school, I put in my all, same as work”. – Angela Zutah

Speaking on her expectation for her campus tour on her recent project One Percent Out Of
Hundred, Angela says she says it’s not really a matter of how many numbers she gets at the
campus auditoriums but rather the message the movie communicates to the youth.

The movie, One Percent Out Of Hundred is a youth inspired movie that talks about trust issues and some of the challenges the youth go through. She kicks of her Campus tour on Friday 15th March 2019 at the University Of Professional Studies (UPSA).

This milestone in her career will also serve as a blueprint and inspiration to millions of young
Ghanaian’s to secure their dreams irrespective of age or financial constraints.

Follow her on all social media platforms and watch the trailer for One Percent Out Of Hundred
below and on YouTube. @angela_Zutah on Instagram.


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WATCH: Medikal – Omoda Rmx ft Shatta Wale & Fela Makafui (Official Video)



Watch AMG Medikal, Shatta Wale likewise his girlfriend Fella makafui performing to “Omo Ada”


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Download Mp3: Drake – In My Feelings



Drake In My Feelings, Drake new song In My Feelings comes from the scorpion double album for Scorpion he just dropped following months of teasing the project. Die-hards, of course, had a collective freakout, with several theorizing what quite heat Drizzy had up his sleeve.
wouldn’t it be that Murda Beatz-produced cut he previewed back in March? wouldn’t it function the lead single for his next album? wouldn’t it embody a Fortnite reference? tho’ there have been heaps of unreciprocated queries, fans were still intelligibly tense. Drake In My Feelings download mp3.
But that is not all. additionally, to the city bounce-influenced track, Drake conjointly born off some beautiful visuals major Tiffany Haddish, YaraShahidi, Letitia Wright, Zoe Saldana, RashidaJones, Issa Rae, Olivia wilde, Jourdan Dunn, Tracee Ellis Ross, Bria Vinaite, Syd, MichelleRodriguez, Emma Roberts, and more. Watch it up high. On weekday night (April 5), the Canadian rapper created associate look at Majid Jordan’sshow in provincial capital, promising fans he would be sharing a replacement single the subsequent day. Download In My Feelings by Drake mp3.
“The reason I’m here tonight is as a result of I’m back within the town finishing my album,” Drake told the audience. “I’ve got a replacement single dropping tomorrow night, too, simply just in case you bought some free time.” Download full song In My Feelings Drake mp3 below.

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