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CHECK OUT: 5 Unorthodox uses of menstrual blood



Did you know your period could be useful? Although menstrual blood has so many myths surrounding it, it has some surprising benefits too.

Period stigma and menstrual misinformation loom over our heads every day. Unfortunately, patriarchal societies have turned the cyclic shedding of uterine lining into something dirty or shameful.

But on the contrary, the crimson wave that young uterus-having proletariats ride on a regular basis has some remarkable benefits too.

Skin treatment

The presence of stem cells that can reverse ageing, heal injuries and make your skin wrinkle-free, has place period blood on the list of top face masks you should have. Although there is no scientific proof of how period facial mask help improves the skin, some plastic surgeons say injecting your own menstrual blood can improve your skin.

Health supplement for athletes

According to research, menstrual blood is rich in stem cells. Stem cells act as a repairing and revitalising system for the body. Hence stem cells are extracted from period blood putified and used as health supplement primarily for athletes.

Love potions and charms

The ritualistic use of period blood to create a love charm or potion to ensnare a man is legendary. This power of period blood is revered and celebrated. Mixing period blood into food for their spouses is one way a love charm was created.

Protection from evil spirits

Period blood was once used as a protective charm to ward off evil spirits and protect livestock. Accordingly, this property could be conferred on the dialectical relationship between the positive and the negative poles of symbolic menstrual power.

Cure for rabies

Although not scientifically proven, it was ‘universally agreed’ that rabies-infected person could find relieve in the use of menstrual blood. Someone who has been bitten by a rabid dog was cure by being made to wear a strip of cloth soaked in period blood.



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I slept with 600 men a year for survival – Lady tells story



A 24-year-old lady has set tongues wagging with a new revelation about how she survived when she had no money.

A former prostitute has narrated a story of how she had to survive by sleeping with men for over a year.

According to the lady, since she had nothing to live on, she had to sleep with about 600 different men in a year.

In a report sighted on, the lady narrated the ordeals she had to go through as a poor girl.

In the report, Beatrice (not her real name) disclosed what led to the decision of becoming a prostitute.

She noted that after getting dumped by her boyfriend and having a low-paying job, she had no option than to go into sleeping with men for money.

She recalled how her friends spread negative rumors about her leading to her boyfriend quitting their relationship.

The lady who is a student at a vocational institute in the country went on to reveal that it was the day that she went to a nightclub that she began the prostitution job.

According to her, the salary at her pub job was GHC150 but on the night when she went to the nightclub, the man who took her to his hotel room paid GHC200 the next day.

“They were paying me GH¢150 a month and you work late hours. But if you go out to hustle in the night, you can get that kind of money within a day or two,” she stated.

She continued her confession saying “About 600 men slept with me from last year to this year.”

But Beatrice who now seems to be a changed person, said that she later discovered that prostitution is not as lucrative as she thought.

She noted that she is tired of warming the beds of different men each night as she is ready to settle down with a man.

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Musician Gets Stuck Inside Married Woman Whiles having unprotected sex ( Video)




An up and coming musician has received the embarrassment of his life after he got stuck while chopping down a married woman in Uganda.

The musician who is known as San Yo was genging and benging the married woman at a local lodge and after he was done and wanted to take his langalanga out, it refused to come out.

According to reports on Ugandan blogs, after several attempts to separate failed, they started screaming for help and they were carried out of the room in a sheet, loaded on a truck and taken to find help from local witch doctors.


The woman turned out to be a wife to faded musician Abdu Mulaasi who appeared at the scene immediately but didn’t look surprised at the occurrence.

The two were then separated much to their embarrassment. The technique of causing a penis to get stuck inside a woman is said to be witchcraft for catching cheating spouses.

Watch the video below:


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#GILLYWEB GOSSIP: How a German bank executive at Goldman Sachs, turns Uber driver, just to learn how to speak english



A Twitter user @XolisaDyeshana ordered an Uber, but was not only surprised when a top bank executive at Goldman Sachs showed up, but was at the same super-excited.

The man shared a photo of himself with the Uber driver who is a senior executive at one of the world’s biggest banks.According to Xolisa the driver who is German, decided to take up Uber job as a means to learn the English language faster and meet more wonderful people.

He wrote:So I call an Uber and the guy drives a really fancy car and I’m confused. Turns out, he’s a senior exec at Goldman Sachs and he’s German (moved to New Orleans 5 years ago).

So why Uber? “It’s the best way for me to learn English. And I meet wonderful people while doing it”

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