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CHECK OUT: 5 Unorthodox uses of menstrual blood



Did you know your period could be useful? Although menstrual blood has so many myths surrounding it, it has some surprising benefits too.

Period stigma and menstrual misinformation loom over our heads every day. Unfortunately, patriarchal societies have turned the cyclic shedding of uterine lining into something dirty or shameful.

But on the contrary, the crimson wave that young uterus-having proletariats ride on a regular basis has some remarkable benefits too.

Skin treatment

The presence of stem cells that can reverse ageing, heal injuries and make your skin wrinkle-free, has place period blood on the list of top face masks you should have. Although there is no scientific proof of how period facial mask help improves the skin, some plastic surgeons say injecting your own menstrual blood can improve your skin.

Health supplement for athletes

According to research, menstrual blood is rich in stem cells. Stem cells act as a repairing and revitalising system for the body. Hence stem cells are extracted from period blood putified and used as health supplement primarily for athletes.

Love potions and charms

The ritualistic use of period blood to create a love charm or potion to ensnare a man is legendary. This power of period blood is revered and celebrated. Mixing period blood into food for their spouses is one way a love charm was created.

Protection from evil spirits

Period blood was once used as a protective charm to ward off evil spirits and protect livestock. Accordingly, this property could be conferred on the dialectical relationship between the positive and the negative poles of symbolic menstrual power.

Cure for rabies

Although not scientifically proven, it was ‘universally agreed’ that rabies-infected person could find relieve in the use of menstrual blood. Someone who has been bitten by a rabid dog was cure by being made to wear a strip of cloth soaked in period blood.



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Image: Sneaker Politics

We thought the upcoming Bodega collab was a fresh set of kicks, but the latest colorway for New Balance’s fan-favorite 997 model is now decked out in a “Mint Julep” hue that really deserves a toast


Named after the classic frozen alcoholic drink that’s always a big hit during spring and summer nights, this mint-themed hue is completely tonal throughout the silhouette. The suede upper looks especially dope decked out in the colorway, and paired with the tumbled leather heel counter and ENCAP midsole donning a matching tone, we can’t think of a better shoe that represents the season at hand quite like this iteration. Bottoms up!

Get the New Balance 997 “Mint Julep” now at select New Balance retailers like Sneaker Politics, who provided the equally fresh imagery below:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Image: Sneaker Politics 


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VIDEO: Vitamin Wendy Narrates How Her Boyfriend Used Tissue To Clean Her Private Part After They Slept Together



In the most interesting twist of any social media story you’ve ever come across, the video vixen who went viral after it was reported that she lost her life after she was used for rituals by her Yahoo boyboyfriend, has mystically been resurrected from the dead and has shared a video to prove this.

Vitamin Wendy has in a new video, given the narrative of all that went down in the past couple of days after it was reported that she was used by her boyfriend, identified as Jide for ritual purposes.

Taking to her Insta stories, Wendy reveals that the reason for faking her own death was in a bid to distract her now ex-boyfriend from carry out the rest of his assignments for his ritual rites.

Wendy gave in details all that had transpired between herself and her ex-boyfriend before she came down to Lagos and news went viral that she’d died. In the video, she curses Jide’s parents who she says have no idea of their son’s source of wealth but still collect things from him.

She admits that she’s very much alive and is not a ghost as people claimed that she is while she was making the video…

It’s quite lengthy but it’s worth the watch… Watch Wendy give in details all that is connected to her fake death and being used for ritual story below.

Watch the video below, as Obtained by YabaLeftOnline.(Press Play)

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I Need To Lose My Virginity – Lady Posts On Instagram



She might be joking, or trolling.. But a Kenyan Lady ha said she’s ready to lose her virginity.

The lady identified as Shay Evah, who claimed to be half-Kenyan and half-Tanzanian looks more like a model and most of her photos she uploaded on the App seem to be ones taken in exotic places and quite provocative.

But she seemed to have courted a little bit of controversy when she captioned one of her photos:

I Just Feel Like I Need To Lose My Virginity😍😂😌 Sio Kwa Mshepu Huo🤩Sema Kanenepa Sijui Kunani🤔


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